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Building New York and beyond for over 30 years.

Arpad Baksa Architect, P.C. (ABA) is an internationally renowned architectural firm with extensive expertise in new buildings, residential condominiums, institutional designs, and historic restorations.  Since our inception in 1984, we have completed over 1,900 projects, both in the tri-state area and worldwide.  Our philosophy has remained steadfast over the years: to create unique, elegant designs that are tailor-made to suit each individual client while simultaneously maintaining the highest standards of service and integrity.  -Read more-

Multiple Perspectives

With over 1900 projects completed to date, ABA has accomplished all levels of design on all scales.  We have done every type of project, from small single bathroom renovations to new 15-story buildings.  Below is a condensed list of the more typical services we provide our clients.


We provide design services on all scales, from new buildings to private interiors. We will select finishes and develop the details to suit your taste and needs. We have an extensive preferred vendor list, and we often take our clients on a shopping trip for a hands-on selection before we specify a product or material. LEED Green Buildings and sustainable designs are also part of our accomplishments.


We provide complete zoning analyses, both for existing and proposed buildings. We will find out if you can add that extra floor or if adjacent properties will help or hurt your development. Zoning peer reviews and DOB Reconsiderations and Determinations have also been part of our work. Contact us for your next development if we don't contact you first!

Agency Filings

We are licensed at many New York City agencies and have successfully overseen projects through many filing processes including NYC Dept. of Buildings C of O, Landmarks CNE and C of A, 74-711, 74-712, City Planning ULURP, Loft Board, and BSA approvals. We have also successfully provided numerous condominium applications and amendments to date.

Contract Administration

We take a soup-to-nuts approach to our construction projects, providing a turn-key solution for our clients. We will take the project from the first sketch of an idea through the development of drawings and agency approvals, permitting, review of bids, and finally through completion of construction.

Feasibility Studies

Zoning feasibility and interior layout fit studies are a part of our work. Our clients frequently come to us with an idea or a property in mind and we study all possibilities. We test fit the program to make sure the project can accommodate their desires. We will help you find out not only what works, but what works best.

Peer Reviews

We provide peer reviews for zoning and code compliance for all types of proposed work. We have extensive experience in ADA Accessible design and building code compliance. We have provided review architect services for large and small condominiums as well as private clients. We always consider the proposed work with our client's best interest in mind.

Last Year's Numbers

We pride ourselves in taking a personal approach to each project and designing towards our client’s ideal.  About 80% of our work is from return clients and direct references eager to use our services on their next project.


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