Athens General Hospital

About this project

Located in Athens, Greece, Athens General Hospital is an independent hospital which services the InterAmerican Life Insurance Companies’ clients.  A new 7-story, 54,000 sf building was constructed to house 130 patient beds.  Our work included the demolition of an existing maternity clinic, and design of a new hospital building to replace it.  The new construction consisted of new facades, infrastructure, mechanical systems, hospital systems and interiors, all designed to provide the following services:

Cellar: Radiology, Photo Lab, MRI, CAT Scan, Building Services (laundry, kitchen, computer infrastructure, etc.)

Ground Floor: Admissions, Emergency Room, Exam Room, Cafeteria, Pediatrics

1st Floor: Outpatient, Operating Rooms, Recovery

2nd Floor: Operating Rooms, Recovery, Intensive Care Units

3rd Floor: Pharmacy, Laboratories, Cardiology (Outpatient), Patient Beds

4th, 5th & 6th Floors: Patient Beds

Date:  November 25, 2015
Skills:  Commercial, New Construction